Ryker, my darling boy, you are adorable.

Everyone morning my little son wakes up after a night of blissful two hour increments of sleep, and looks up and waits for his greeting. Once he hears, “Good morning” this giant toothless grin emerges. It is the sweetest way to wake up in the morning. Every once in awhile he will follow up the grin with a squeal JUST to make his mommy and daddy laugh, and my day is started right.

A few days ago Tomis took Nug to meet Rania, the lady who will be his new babysitter. She is a really great lady 🙂 Anyway, after picking up Nug Tomis took my boy for a mommy visit. Nothing made me happier than seeing my husband unexpectedly walk through the entrance of my branch with my beautiful boy. Nug was knocked out in his carseat from a long day of being played with, cuddled, and loved. But, it didn’t stop him from delivering his mama a HUGE smile through his deep snores when he heard my voice. There isn’t a more precious moment I can recall than seeing my son so happy to hear my voice, even from his sleep.

An a lighter note, Nug just took a massive dump. I had my branch party last night, and even though I went really light on the alcohol, two nights in a row of greasy food and liquor/beer was enough for me to know the odds of me vomiting on my son at the sight of green lumpiness was great. Much to Ryker’s amusement, I tied a scarf around my head, recruited Tomis, and the two of us tackled the alien mess that covered our son’s butt and thighs. And yes, for the first time I gagged at the sight and smell. We switched his formula and now are paying for it every other day with a gift of green from our son.

BIG BIG thank you to Ornella, Antonella, Robi, Stefica, and Zlatko for Ryker’s new friend who arrived in the mail yesterday.

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