For Christmas this year, we are thankful

So there has been a bit of a fuss lately regarding my health. Before I get started with what all happened, know that I will be okay 🙂

Okay, so Friday night at work I started to see strange lights and lost a bit of vision. I walked to the eye doctor that shares a wall with my branch and asked if maybe the doctor could check to see if my prescription was off from my pregnancy. He saw me immediately, despite being incredibly busy, and essentially told me to run to the ER. I was reluctant to go, but he was insistent. He even told a member of my staff to make sure I went.

So… Tomis and I dropped off Nug at my parents and headed to the ER. An MRI/MRA was inconclusive, but they did know there was something odd. Knowing it was not “immediately life threatening” they sent me home. Saturday morning I had a voicemail from the ER doctors telling me to come back in asap. They were afraid I would stroke based off another look at my MRI. I had a Cat-scan done, and after a night being observed they concluded that I have a “dissection”. Essentially, there is a section of one of the arteries that feeds my brain that has narrowed significantly. In order to combat the little sucker, I will be on blood thinners for the next three months. That should give my artery enough time to heal itself. If it doesn’t heal, then they will just try something else.

Currently I am nursing a headache, but nothing serious. After a few days of getting a lot of sleep I am feeling quite a bit better. Tomis has been an angel of a man and has been making sure I am the best I can be. He wakes me up to do stroke checks, he does my morning and night injections, and he gives me all the love in the world, which is all I actually need 🙂 My parents were here all day yesterday making sure nothing silly happened, and today Doodle is here to take me back to the doctor. I am in good hands 🙂

Thank god for that eye doctor… he saved my life. Thank god for the banker who took me to the ER on Saturday. Thank god that I have such an amazing husband who I will work to deserve until the day I die (a long time in the future). Thank god for friends who worry about me. Thank god for family who step in to help when there is no where else to turn. Thank god I am still here to be a mother to my son and wife to my husband. And most of all, thank god for hard lessons that make you appreciate your life.

Happy early Christmas. Amid all the hustle and bustle, look around at everything and everyone you love and take a moment to really appreciate each and every second. Love you all!!

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One Response to For Christmas this year, we are thankful

  1. ornella13 says:

    And we now,everything will be O.K. !!!!!!!!!!!
    We sent big kiss to your beautifull face !!!

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