Almost Xmas time!!

All the presents we got for tomorrow! We had to spend one day getting them all with the hub-bub this past week, BUT I am happy with the gifts we got. I am excited to give them 🙂

Tomis and Nug on Skype with Zlatko and Stefica 🙂

Hey, daddy! There is a Nug on your head!

Mommy and baby curled up in the papasan together. The child took a long nap, so I am sure we are in for it tonight.

Tomis and I are patiently waiting for Nug to roll over. According to the babysitter he has already done it once. I think we may crack a bottle of wine when it happens 🙂 There are times where we are both sitting there like cheerleaders while Nug just looks at us with his beautiful blue eyes and does the slow, “you guys are nuts” blink. Then, he grabs whatever is handy and shoves it in his mouth with his clumsy fat fingers. You have to be careful, if you get too close to him he tries to eat your face.

At the moment Nug is fussing on the floor. He is growling and moaning, but not yet crying. Tomis and I are at wits end. At five months old, the child has still yet to sleep more than 4 hours straight so we are understandably a bit low on energy for “the Moose dance” that Nug wants so much haha. To try and see if we can get the little guy to knock out longer we got some rice cereal to slip into his milk. Hopefully that fills his tummy and we can get more consecutive hours of sleep.

Alight, it is half past seven and Santa should be getting ready to fill my sons stocking with all sorts of toys. Nug has made Christmas feel magical again. I may not sleep tonight waiting to see all the bounty he gets this year 🙂 🙂 Merry Christmas to all! Health and happiness to you and your family, and may your New Year be full of blessings and joy!!

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One Response to Almost Xmas time!!

  1. ornella13 says:

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Health before anything…then will be anything what we want !!!!!!!!!!! We love you sooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!

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