My Day off With NugBug

Nug is currently coming to the end of his mid-morning nap.  He is lightly sleeping, opening an eye every so often to make sure I am not too far away.  I have spent most of my morning getting prepared for the next time Nug wakes up…. in about 11 minutes (the child is like clockwork).  Boiling nipples, washing bottles, doing dishes, disinfecting, and then reading about sleep training for babies (woman on a mission).  I have made a command decision after reading for the past hour… there is no way I am sleep training Ryker,  I refuse to let him “cry it out”.  Letting him fuss is different.  Of course I will let him fuss… mama isn’t going to raise a Nancy’boy, but cry and cry wondering where his mama is and why she doesn’t care enough to cuddle him?! Absolutely not!

Instead, we are going to establish patterns.  Mid-morning he will have his nap, mid afternoon as well, and then loads of activity between.  Sleepy time will start at 9pm every night.  Rocking and cuddling in the dark until the little guy is lulled to sleep.  AND, he will start to sleep in his own bed… as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE to have him in bed with us, after reading for a good chunk of this morning, I want to make sure he can establish a bit of independence.  Hopefully, without mommy and daddy tossing and turning to disturb him, he will sleep longer than 3 hours at a time.

So these pics are from just now.  I have been sitting at the lap top next to Nug.  Every time he opens his eyes I put my hand on his thigh and pat him rhythmically, like a heart beat.  That calms him down enough to slip back into his nap.  The fireplace has been on since last night.  Tomis, Nug, and I all slept in the living room together. Nug has a bit of a cold, and the humidifier (right behind Nug) we have is pretty weak.  I figured if we slept on the floor Nug would be closer to the steam and get more benefit from it.  Plus, the fireplace keeps it cozy.

I know that it isn’t best practice to have soft objects around babies, but ours doesn’t like to sleep unless he is cushioned on all sides. You just have to keep your eyes and ears open at all times.

Sleeping angel 🙂

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