Neurologist Visit

I had two appointments today; the first to check my blood (I am still A-okay) and the second to review my Cat-scan and MRI/MRA once more with an expert. Good news is there is no bad news 🙂 Nothing has changed. We are still on the same course of action. I will be on blood thinners for the three months they planned, and then after that back into the godawful MRI tube to have my arteries checked once more. If they see that my arteries have “widened” then I am on the mend! If they haven’t, then I was probably born with strange arteries and just never had an issue with them before. Either way, the worst case scenario would be they would put a stint in my artery to make sure I have adequate blood flow. Far more likely, I will just be on aspirin for the rest of my life, and I will have to live the healthy lifestyle that everyone should be living anyway– low fat and low cholesterol, low stress, and diabetes watch. I had already anticipated living that lifestyle based off my PCOS, so as far as I am concerned, nothing has changed.

I took the day off early and clocked some vacation hours. I put in a good three hours at work, but it really didn’t make sense to plan work, doctor, work, doctor, work, home. I had no idea what kind of madness they would do at the neurologist and thought it wise to just sip some wine at home before Tomis and Nug got here. Speaking of Nug, he has a bit of a cold. Snot running down his chin, poor thing. During the day it is a messy non-issue, but at night the congestion makes it hard for him to breath while he sleeps and he screams out of frustration every hour.

What I should do is nap before my boys get home, but I have baby food to make and bottles to wash. There is also cat puke where Nug plays, so I think the nap will have to wait for Saturday. I understand more and more everyday why moms are so sacred. If the job is done right it is all-consuming. So keeping with the mom topic, and segwaying into our new years resolution, here is the result of five hours in the kitchen on Sunday!

Rotisserie chicken, chopped spam, smoked hickory, and mayo on a french roll with peppered avocado and cheddar cheese. Tomis’s lunch for a week.

Healthy pasta salad, also for lunch.

Banana muffins for snacks

Baked macaroni with cheddar and colby jack cheese, sundried tomatoes, artichoke, rotisserie chicken, mushroom, and onion. Dinner for a week. WONDERFUL!

And daddy bullying the baby out of his toy 😉

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2 Responses to Neurologist Visit

  1. ornella13 says:

    Thx God for not bed news !!!! In this week I want only good news,please God…We wait results from Robi…pray for us….we love you…

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