What parents do when they have a day off and a babysitter?

Sleep. And eat. Clean a little, maybe.

There are loads of things that Tomis and I could do with our tiny little piece of freedom. We could go catch happy hour, shop, hike, go wine tasting… ENDLESS possibilities. What are we doing? We just woke up from a nap on the floor in front of the fireplace and ate hot dogs on the carpet in our living room. Neither of us have said too much because we are both just too tired. I have a feeling that our full tummies will dictate another nap. After the nap? Perhaps some of the Goulash or Chorizo Potato bake I made. Maybe a shower… maybe. I am sure there is laundry to be folded somewhere. I do want to make cookies at some point. I have a four day week and I want to treat my staff… they have been amazing and I am proud of them.

I finally got some of Nug’s pics in an album. God, time flies. I can’t believe how much he has grown. To see the innocent little premie that came to the world 6 months ago, skinny and tiny, to the chubby little giggler we have now, makes me want to relish every single moment. In just a week he outgrows his clothes. It is hard for us not to have him with us today, but if we don’t catch up on sleep somewhere we will lose any trace of sanity we have loosely in place now.

So here are pics of me gluing and cutting Nug’s first year baby album, with very little help from Nug. The Baby Bjorn became critical to the project’s completion, as Nug was able to watch colored paper and pictures of himself get thrown about the kitchen island. Eventually the work became too much work, and my little assistant knocked out. It was too cute to hear tiny snores coming from my front and then see his chubby little face squished and drooling. My child is amazing 🙂



Alright… time for nap #2. PUSA!!!!

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