My baby and I have a pact…

I have to tell everyone why I love my child so much today… he is the devil, but only for daddy 😉 We have a pact. He reserves his poop for daddy and the babysitter, and just giggles and laughs for me. It is AMAZING! For four hours he has been laughing and talking to me, rolling on the floor and doing funny things. He let me have both breakfast and lunch… including enjoying a cup of coffee. He fussed four times… twice for poop (okay, so he broke the pact today, but usually he is on my team) and twice for being hungry. We have been dancing and singing, and playing hot dog baby (I encase him in his changing cloth so he looks like a hot dog). Now, he is sucking away at his bottle in front of the fireplace. I did the lazy mom thing where I prop up his bottle with blankets so I don’t have to hold it, and I am able to type the blog! I think this feed will turn into his afternoon nap, so that when daddy gets home he can change and relax a bit before we make him do the moose dance.

So Tomis and I are doing good. I am actually really proud of us. I don’t think it had occurred to us that we have been through quite a bit together, but man, we have taken a licking these past two years. We had some neighbors over for dinner the other night, and they mentioned something that made Tomis and I both reflect a bit. We met them in August, soon after Nug was born. We immediately took a liking to them and LOVE having them over for dinners, or just chatting in front of the garage. Anyway, the last time they were over they mentioned they had been talking about us, and how since they met us they have seen some of our turbulence. Emergency c-section, Tomis’ employment changes and struggles, Guinness dying of cancer, my emergency room stay and subsequent diagnosis… all this followed a year where we found out I was pregnant during Tomis’s unemployment, a job change for me, a job change for Tomis, and moving into a new home. All the high-stress markers in life we covered in a matter of a year and a half. Because each knock was closely followed by another, I don’t think that Tomis and I even realized we were riding a roller coaster. It was interesting to hear from someone else that they were there for us if we needed some reprieve when we were unaware of the fact that we probably are truly in need of it. It didn’t make me feel stressed or overwhelmed to hear it though. It actually made me proud. Tomis and I are united and strong. We look forward to the future, and we love each other and our baby. Yes, we have accumulated wrinkles and eye bags, but I see them as badges of honor. We never threw a pity party, and the whole time we were being kicked around we thought ourselves lucky and were grateful.

Anyway, I know what everyone is waiting for…. here are the Nug pics from today 🙂

Silly hat #2

Kisses and cuddles

FEET!!! I love FEET!

nom nom nom


Lazy mama…

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One Response to My baby and I have a pact…

  1. ornella13 says:

    Amazing pictures !!! I also love feet !!!!!! hihi…so many pictures we have with feet from Antonella !!! Love you…

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