When your baby doesn’t see your face

Nothing bums me out more than rushing home after an eleven hour work day and coming home to find ryker already sleeping. I hate that I didn’t get to cuddle him. I really hate that he didn’t see my face. days like this I am glad he wakes up hourly. I will sacrifice the sleep to steal the opportunity to pick him up and tell him what I usually say when my days aren’t so long, “hello my angel. Mommy loves you do much and all the time!” Usually I squish him so his cheek is pushed against mine, and he will give me a smile. Right now I am phone blogging while holding rykers hand. He is sleeping peacefully, squeezing my finger. Tomis just let out a snort, so I know he is in dream land too. The cat is cuddled up at rykers feet. I have a long day tomorrow, but I have about an hour of unwinding to do before I knock out. I can already feel my eyes getting heavy, but typically I will read mind numbing celebrity gossip until I see double, then slip off into short sleep spurts with some ryker interjections. I am trying to hold out a bit longer tonight so I can be right there when ryker stirs.

Anyway, I don’t have any great pics to share tonight. I do have a picture of our guest room bed though. On my day off I folded the six loads of laundry that buried the bed, and text this pic to tomis to see if he would recognize what was underneath 🙂


The bed is quite comfy, and of course awaiting visitors 🙂

Good night all!! Love!

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