my little scooter

So Ryker isn’t quite sitting, and he is not quite crawling, BUT my little inchworm is certainly scooting all over the place. It is actually pretty cute. He has his little butt in the air with his face stuck to the ground, and inch by inch, he scoots like a little pudgy triangle. Everyday his personality gets a little more defined as well. Now, he knows EXACTLY what he wants and, lord help his parents, he screams when he isn’t in a spot where he is happy.

We have waited until tonight to try and get him to sleep through the night. Tomis and I both have tomorrow off so this is as good a time as any. We will see if we can do it though… I have a feeling it will either be a sleepless night, or one where we throw in the towel and just give him the bottle he so dearly wants. I feel like Tomis and I have yet to develop the resolve necessary to go through with it, but we will see.

Sweet potatoes… or yams. No idea. Either way it was messy and cute ๐Ÿ™‚


cute and cuter

Watching a little tv… just like a tiny man

Thumbs up! I am LOVED!

Would have been cuter without mama, but we do what we have to ๐Ÿ˜‰

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