Grandma… V-Day… Beer… Sleep…

First off, let me say that my Grandma is beautiful.  Look at those cheek bones and those eyes.  Guess that makes my Grandpa a smart smart man 😉  This pic was from last weekend when Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Chuck dropped by to see Nug 🙂  Nug got his first Valentine from Grandma, and I taught him how to shake the card and wait for the $10 to fall out 😉  Tomis and I each got some chocolates!  What amazing grandparents I have.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Tomis did something really sweet for me.  Valentine’s Day Eve, I did what I always do when I come home from work.  I charged up the stairs yelling, “Is he still awake?  Is my baby awake??”  I heard nothing and was about to be terribly disappointed when I made the u-turn at the top of the stairs and saw my husband squatting on the floor next to Ryker in his carseat… Ryker had a box of chocolates in his lap, a balloon floating above him, and one dozen roses leaned up against him.  It was the most adorable thing I had ever seen.  What a smart husband I have, knowing EXACTLY how to pluck at my heart strings.

The pic above Grammy is from tonight.  I promise, my baby is not an alcoholic.  He just wants to eat EVERYTHING.  But it does make quite a cute picture when he is reaching towards beer 😉  Anyway, the purpose of that beer was to help Tomis and I relax tonight.  Let me back up a minute here though… this week has been wretched.  Work was hectic and Nug didn’t do the most fabulous job sleeping.  This morning, even though I got in an hour and a half nap with the Bug (and Tomis did just about all the Bug work last night) I STILL felt as though I hadn’t sleep for a month.  So I determined that for the sake of all, we would get Bug into the crib.  Anticipating that it would be tough on us, I asked Tomis to grab us some beer to cool our nerves a bit.  Believe me, there isn’t an alcohol bandage big enough to mend big sad baby eyes looking into the baby camera wondering why no one cares he is crying.  After some mommy cooing, the little guy is currently asleep and snoring.  I pray to god that he sleeps at least five hours.  I want to ease him into the crib thing (more for me than for him.)

In keeping with the “I have a great hubby” theme, Tomis picked up this stupid girlie movie that I have been really wanting to see.  The movie really is terrible, and I know it, but I got into the saga and I want to see what happens.  Tomis is even offering to watch it with me 🙂  In fact that is what we are about to do… Good night all 🙂

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