Toast and Moose

You never know what will sell.  Novelty can often carry more of that oomph that pries open the consumers wallet than utility.  In the case of the human sized stuffed Moose that you can purchase from Costco, this is entirely the case.


Moosh brought this over for Nug on Sunday. It was cute to see my mom on our front step with her arms wrapped around a Moose that was bigger than her, waiting for us to come home from our errands. I WISH I had the camera on me as we drove past her. It was adorable and comical.


Of course, the Bug is more interested in eating his mama’s hair that anything else in the world (such is the way with kids). But, Tomis and I dig the giant Moose that is currently guarding our living room. I can see Nug draping a blanket over it when he is a bit older, and making a tent out of it.


And this is the Bug eating a piece of toast. It was so darn cute watching his little fingers trying to manipulate a piece of bread into a mouth opened wide enough for a dental exam.

Holding mama’s head… just in case she tries to escape.

I am too cute for words.


One of my fav pics in the whole world… father and son looking at soccer shoes.

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