Next MRI/MRA scheduled for Tuesday

You can pretty much assume that the week has been a bit hectic when the blog takes this long to get updated. I am sorry for the wait 😦 I am working with about one third the staff that I should have so my days are fuller and longer than usual.

Anyway, my boss dropped by my branch yesterday. I was on my skinniest day of the week so she had the opportunity to see a bit of my challenge. I mentioned to her that I may consider taking a different job. I am a bit worried about what this job is doing to me health-wise. Anyway, she gave me a directive to take a week off. I have Tuesday-Tuesday off next week. I scheduled my MRI/MRA for Tuesday night. That same week I should get the results back. Nobody should be worried. The worst case scenario is that they see the same thing.

TOday is my day off. I slept until 11, got a call from work around noon, and am now surveying the house for how much needs to be cleaned. A lot. I would do before and after pics but I would be ashamed of the before haha. Tomorrow I have a potluck, so I am thinking of doing chicken cabbage salad. Healthy, yummy, and easy. Good side dish.

There is no clean way to feed our child.

I love cookies!!

I don’t mind high chairs if they come with cookies..

I am cute even with my messy messy face

I. am. too. cute.

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