Tiles, gyros, bassinet, baby

Oh sunday, how I love you. Tomis and I are sure to have the day off, and I can usually find an excuse to get us all out of the house. Today, I had ulterior motives when tending to our errands. I badly want to put a tile back splash in our kitchen. It will make the downstairs look more expensive, as well as take the “builder grade” look and kick it to the curb. to get tomis to go tile shopping I had to be strategic about how I mapped out our chores. Long story short, I got my way.

Anyway, have to back upa bit here. Before heading out the door today I made a decision about our sleeping arrangements. Tomis and I are terribly sleep deprived, but the Bug just isnt ready to go to his crib. I don’t care what anyone says, instinct tells me he still needs to know tomis and I are nearby. So, we got a bassinet for beside the bed that rocks. I didn’t care that it was $60 that could have been put to use someplace else, it was worth the gamble. The Bug is snoring like a tractor beside me, and when he stirs, I just rock him without picking him up. so far it is a success. I think I may have uncovered the source of his terrible sleeping patterns as well. The child nibbles throughout the day without steadily finishing his bottles, and expects nourishment at night. He is a night eater. Today we started to reverse the pattern but it will take some work.

Between bassinets and tiles, the Papecs stopped at a gyros place I love. Typically our child won’t sit still for more than fifteen minutes, but we were strategic. We offered a variety of distractions and pita bread. Nug loves putting new things in his mouth, and he especially loved eating what mommy and daddy were eating.







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