First day off: Agenda

I have so much I want to do today! I know I need to rest, I am exhausted, but I am soooooo excited to get some things done that I just can’t get myself to do nothing.

Here is my “to do”/”wish list” FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS:

1. Get a pink dress to prove to my brother that he can’t look better in a dress than me
2. Make cookies!! But do it with love.. not just throw the ingredients in and toss in the oven. I want to taste the batter and add stuff until I am satisfied.
3. Drycleaning! When I get back to work I need clean digs
4. Paint my kitchen backsplash with chaulkboard paint.
5. Clean the house a bit.
6. Get our new (used) car
7. Take the bug all over the place and show him things. He loves to see new things 🙂
8. Cook dinner every night and have lunches for Tomis everyday!

In order to get all that done I need to get off my bum and go. Tonight is my MRI so I need to get going. I only have so many hours in the day…. 🙂

BTW, the little bassinet we got the BUG is a dream. He still wakes up, but he is getting used to not being in bed with us!!

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One Response to First day off: Agenda

  1. ornella13 says:

    I thinking on you…all day long…and I now,everything will be just fine..we love you…

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