I am SO eating a salad today

There is good news, that is promptly cancelled out by redundant news, that I am going to share with you in this post. We will start with the good. I no longer have to take blood thinners!! YEA!! Hence, the title of the blog πŸ™‚ One of the restrictions when taking blood thinners was to avoid green and leafy foods. I am not a huge omnivore, but man, when you are told you can’t have something that is EXACTLY what you start to crave. Tired of this digression? Me too. So my Vertebral Artery Dissection mended. I did indeed have a break in an artery, but the course of treatment prescribed at the emergency room was exactly what was needed to get me healed. All I need is to take baby aspirin for the rest of my life. Super easy.

Now… the redundant. It isn’t exactly a replica situation, but the risks are about the same. I don’t know how it happened, but they never mentioned to me that I have an aneurysm. I guess it played second fiddle to the dissection, but it is still serious. I don’t know that much about it. I just know the risks and what to watch for. There isn’t anything I can be proactive about. I just have to live my life and be slightly more aware of headaches and nausea. There is some light to the situation though. The placement of the aneurysm is such that it may be innocuous. It is in a place in my head that is surrounded by bone, meaning (I am told) it would be difficult to rupture (bleeding into my brain). There is an expert currently out of the country that they will consult. What they hope the outcome will be is that I am told that, yes, I have an aneurysm, BUT it isn’t anything that needs to be monitored. I liken it to being told that you will be locked in a room with a man-eating alligator (First phone call I got). Then, being told later that the man-eating alligator is in a coma and has no chance of revival, so who really cares (second phone call.)

If you are wondering how I am doing with all this? Honestly, I don’t really know what to think about it all. I am not scared, I am not angry, I am not sad (unless I think of Nug). I am not even in a state of anticipation. I am in a state of absorption, and I am kinda numb to it all. I AM really happy about having salad on the menu again though. There is a spinach salad that I have been craving that I will make at some point this week. And last night I was able to have kale in my soup πŸ™‚

Sorry for the heavy-ish post. I will be fine, this I know. Next post will be about my kitchen rehab πŸ™‚ Be on the watch for pics!

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