The Arizona Story

I have taken on a new philosophy when it comes to decision making in life. There needs to be a guiding principle. Sometimes, the fast fix is necessary. Sometimes, it is long term. Sometimes, it is all about you, and sometimes not about you at all. When Tomis and I made the decision to move to Arizona, Ryker was the guiding principle. Everything that we need in order to make him the safest, happiest, and healthiest, was no longer within the easiest of reach in Oregon. That made a big and bittersweet decision obvious. Our baby will now have four people to love him at all times, and those people will be fixed. Instead of multiple babysitters at odd hours he will have four people who are steady. As Ryker needs different things in life, he will always have mommy for cuddles and compassion, Daddy for strength and life experience, Grandpa for math homework and giggles, and Grandma for shopping and silliness. Tomis and I are young and ambitious. Our careers are what we will make of them where ever we decide to go, and our careers are only as important as what they can provide for our son.

Having said that, we are on to a sunny state full of possibility. Perhaps the soil there will be fertile enough to put down roots… it all depends on the guiding principles that lie ahead for us to uncover and embrace. In the mean time we have some planning to do. We have a property manager in place to rent out our home, we are researching (quickly… “fast fix”) methods for moving, getting plane tickets in order, gathering medical files, mapping out utilities to cancel, and trying to find the time to say goodbye to those that made Oregon home since June of 2008. Things are moving fast now. I am excited 🙂

C’est la vie 🙂 Pusa!!

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