Hours of Staging Paid Off

For years and years I have watched HGTv… So many shows about how to get your home sold, how to design on a budget, how to please the most general eye, haven’t been for naught.  After hours spent placing colored salad bowls in the living room with fake flowers, candles in bathrooms, wine glasses on tables, and books laid open next to windows, we got a bite on our rental (formally “our home.”)  Tomis, of course, thinks I am a lunatic.  However, my dutiful hubs will at least admit that the house is “clean” haha.  My ego needs more than that though, so I sling Ryker onto my hip and I show him all the pretty rooms.  At least for now he is entertained by the new state of our home.  

Saturday was a fun day.  When I woke up in the morning and walked downstairs I was greeted by my two handsome boys sitting on the carpet.  As two sets of beautiful blue eyes looks up at me, Tomis said the words that all wives long to hear… “honey, get ready so we can go shopping for your clothes today.”  YEY!  My new job is a step away from the black business suits I have been wearing for the past three years.  The only problem is that my closet has a tank top section from California and Abercrombie and Fitch days, a college sweater section, a suit section, and maybe two cocktail/party dresses; no single section, or combination of sections for that matter, will equal “business casual.”  The best part of the shopping trip (aside from feeding Ryker his first chocolate chip cookie) was that dressing me is a collaborative effort between Tomis and myself.  Fortunately for me, my husband is blessed with a stylish sister that taught him well.  Coupled with his European style and international travels, he makes me look trendy and cool 🙂   Next weekend (somewhere between packing and stressing) I am due for a haircut to get me looking professional again.  Currently I resemble some sort of Pochahontas/hippie mash-up.  

Later on in the afternoon the Papec clan stopped by a kid’s birthday party.  Ryker either got over-exposed to too many children, or ate something that was off, because he hasn’t been able to hold any food in him.  We have changed 6 poopie diapers today.  Poor child didn’t sleep well last night either.  Screaming fits every two hours.  I figure it was a combo of teething and a sad tummy.  I hate seeing him upset like that, especially since he is such a good and happy baby.  Lesson learned though.  Tomis and I will be smarter about what is going in our son’s little mouth.  

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