Our home is now a rental property

Next week at this time Tomis and I will be trying to fall asleep, exhausted from having finished the final steps in packing our home. The next morning will be pookie’s graduation, and the day tomis loads up the uhaul. Ryker and I will stay with moosh that night through wednesday, but tomis and doodle will begin driving to az the next morning. Wednesday, moosh, ryker, duchess the cat, and myself will fly to arizona in the evening. we will arrive around midnight and hopefully will be met by a crib already set up by tomis and doodle. The following morning I will start work. It all hardly seems possible. It is exciting though!

We also traded in our saturn today. Knowing that arizona is beyond hot, it didn’t make sense to have a two door sporty car with black leather seats. It didn’t make sense to have it regardless with a baby in a carseat. Now, we have a subaru impreza, hatchback. It is a family car that is built for safety and should be more comfortable in the 110 degree heat we have to look forward to.

Ryker is doing fantastic. He had a bad tummy for about a week, but now he is happy and back on a pooping schedule. We still have yet to get new foods back in his diet for fear of more poop, but we will slowly start to let him eat off our plates again soon.

Here is your ryker fix from last saturday…







And the impreza, which looks about the same as the saturn haha… Just worth more 🙂

Ohhhhhh, and we signed lease papers with our new tenants 🙂 yey!

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