We LOVE LOVE Arizona

I will admit to being a little nervous coming out to Arizona having never been here before.  It was a gamble, but lucky for us we had a winning hand.  I love it.  I more than love it, I just don’t have a word stronger than love in my vocabulary.  The people here are laid back and really hospitable.  My first day at work I already had a few tour guide offers for Tomis and myself.  

Yesterday was the best day I have had in a long time.  The Papecs woke up early to start the day.  After getting breakfast out of the way, we all took a dip in the pool.  Once Ryker figured out that the giant bathtub was a good thing he splashed and kicked and had a grand time.  His favorite was seeing mommy submerge in one place and pop up somewhere else spitting water.  After our morning swim, Ryker went down for his nap.  Tomis and I enjoyed a swim without the baby and just soaked up the sun.  Later in the day I made a really yummy cold pasta salad and spicy chicken sandwiches; Tomis and I plated ourselves up some giant servings of the yumminess during Ryker’s afternoon nap, and chugged down a beer in the quiet of my parents beauty of a backyard.  Oh, I forgot the most important part of the day… Ryker got a bit of a haircut.  I attempted to trim his hair myself but made a mess of it, so Tomis took out the clippers and shaved our little guy bald.  He looks COMPLETELY different.  I think he likes it, because now he is more of a rascal than ever.  He is barely even sweet anymore.  Now he is a little boy who laughs like a tiny man, hits things to hear loud sounds, and throws things when he is frustrated.  Anyway, once Ryker went down at the end of the night (after Tomis and I thoroughly inspected his room for any critters or creepy-crawlers) Tomis and I went back to our spot in the backyard and enjoyed a strong drink with our dinners.  We stayed up until about midnight looking at the stars and chatting.  Now it is Sunday, and Ryker is down for his morning nap.  I have maybe half an hour to get laundry done and get some unpacking out of the way.  Tomis is taking  a break watching Croatia play soccer on TV (he deserves it… he has been working tirelessly.)

I will post more pics shortly.  I need to find the cable that attaches our camera to the computer.  Tomis has some cute ones on his phone though, so if I can get a moment to get all the necessary apps on his cell then there will be pics tonight! 

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