From Oregon to Arizona: random pics

The title of this blog is a little deceiving. We don’t have any actual “Arizona” pics. We haven’t gotten out and about yet. We are not very good at organizing ourselves on site-seeing adventures with the baby. We are very protective of our son and our sanity, and traveling about with him is rough. Currently we are doing research on dust storms, scorpions, rattle snakes, amber alerts, etc. Arizona is definitely not Oregon in terms of having a safe little bubble environment encased by rain clouds. It is definitely for us though šŸ™‚

My puupy dog (Yes Tita, this is your present)

Bug’s new pool toy!!

Baldy and brownie


My baby at Uncle Pookie’s graduation. I miss his beautiful hair. He looks like an adorable rascal now.

Mama, Dada, and Bug stood in the back of the auditorium during Pookie’s graduation playing fetch the binky. Overall, Ryker was a really good boy.

Moosh and Doodle’s backyard

Ryker after his haircut

We will collect more photos soon. Moosh and Doodle and both in Oregon. Tomis and I are manning the fort. LOVE!!

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