House Full of KITTIES!!

It is official… 3 cats, 2 grandparents, 2 parents, 1 baby, and a sprinkling of other creepy crawlers. It is a home πŸ™‚ This morning Jet made sure that we were up and out of bed by 6am. He decided that the baby needed love, so he rubbed his furry head all over Ryker. Ryker wasn’t thrilled, slapped him, then woke up to play. It is now nearing 9am and Ryker is rubbing his little eyes trying to convince Tomis and I that he should nap early… not gonna happen. I feel accomplished though. I have taken a dip in the pool (a short one, but a dip), cooked breakfast, showered, and am now blogging! I need to memorize some scripts, hit Costco, do some laundry, wash the dishes, and most importantly cuddle da baby. July 4th (GOD BLESS AMERICA!!) is Wednesday and I get the day off. Ryker will get his mama one more day during the week.

On the topic of Ryker, I need to be really careful not to give him a complex. I am so thrilled any time he does anything, the child will think he poops rainbows. Someday, he will have a girlfriend who will have to put up with, “but my mom,” this… that… and the other. I will start to ween myself from the baby eventually, but not yet. He is just too stinking cute.

Here are some pics from this morning (that made me really miss Pookie). I will try to update the blog more frequently, but I will warm everyone, my work days are 10-11 hours long, not counting commute. The blogs will be nonsensical and with plenty of grammatical errors.




πŸ™‚ Hope everyone’s weekend was wonderful!

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