Ryker Turns ONE!!!

Actually, yesterday was Ryker’s birthday, but today is the day that I can keep both eyes open to write the blog.  We didn’t have a to-do yesterday as we should have.  It was Wednesday, so everyone had work the next morning.  However, what Ryker did get was TONS of cuddles and yummy food.  Our son loves loves LOVES to eat.  Peanut butter and jelly is high on his list of prizes these days.  

Ryker also had his year old doctor appt.  He is 50% for weight and 80% for height.  If he were 90% height and 20% weight I would be certain we had a Held on our hands, but I think he may be more like his daddy.  Taller than average, but not crazy tall, and nicely built.  

I am not certain I am making sense at all right now.  I literally spend 10 hours out of my day looking back and forth between the two computer screens that are on  my desk.  It is ruthless on my eyes, my butt, and my back, but I like my job.  I am finally getting good at it too haha.  The only thing I don’t like is the time that it takes from Ryker.  Daddy is his favorite Monday-Friday without question.  Saturday and Sunday though I cuddle him into submission and make sure he knows who loves him best 😉  Ryker honey, just so you know, you are number one and if I could change the world I would make sure everyday we baked cookies and played legos, and nothing else.  I promise you with all my heart, you are my number 1.  

Now, I must sleep.  There is certain to be a wake-up call around 4:30 from one of three cats, or from the baby wanting his bottle (which we need to start weening him off of).  This morning may prove rough if we deny him his yummy and replace it with cuddles and nothing else.  Pray for us.  Tomis and I both have bags under our eyes and hunched backs.  

I will try to posts pics before I go to sleep, so check back later to see our strapping baby boy!!  Oh yea, Saturday Tomis and I are headed to church to take a baptism class from Ryker.  Very soon we will have him Christened 🙂  



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