My goodness it has been a long time!!

Tomis is out playing soccer right now, and the Bug is snoozing away in his crib.  I just ate nachos and a hot dog, and now I am sitting here in a state of confusion because I have a quiet moment while home.  I feel as though there is something I should do.  I could, I suppose, take the 3 week old nail polish off my toes (yuck, I know) but that would mean getting out of the bed and putting effort into something.  I think I am content to have ugly toes and not move.

Sorry about the delay in posts.  I have been so abnormally busy at work that my only peace comes from holding Ryker.  I have even taken to sneaking him into bed with us because I miss him so much.  I don’t even care that he sometimes kicks my eye into its socket so hard I sometimes think it will deform me.  It truly is my moment of peace.  At work, I have one of his binkys, a picture of my little family when Ryker was minutes old, and a bottle of lavender chamomile baby cologne that smells like my son sitting on my desk.  It reminds me why I am putting in the hours as my eyes dart between two computer screens processing information that I half understand.  I do like my job though.  The time flies by because there is so much to do, but when you fill every second with a task, despite the fact that the only thing you move during the day is your fingers while you type, everything is sore.  It is kind of an accomplished sore though.      

Anyway… I am slowing starting to fall asleep…



This is a dinner I made Tomis one night.


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