8/18/12 Ryker gets Baptized; 8/21/12 Pookie leaves for COLLEGE

What an emotional and proud week for this mama. Tomis and I were able to FINALLY get Ryker baptized. It was a great moment for us. At that time Ryker was still adjusting from having started daycare and had no interest whatsoever for the family that had come to share in his moment. It was all about mommy and daddy (mostly daddy). He did have some funny moments though. While as a family we gathered around the baptismal font, Ryker (who was completely immune to how momentous the occasion was) got bored and thrashed a little. Then he let his binky fall into the holy water. We had an awesome Deacon though, who proclaimed the pacifier a “holy binky!”

Now, Ryker is back to his usual self. He enjoys daycare and he socializes with everyone once more. He takes after his mama and has a soft spot for anyone or anything that is sad; he proved that at daycare when another baby got sad and he went over to rub the baby’s back. He is nothing but smiles and is such an amazingly perfect child that Tomis and I have more smiles and laughs in our days then we ever have. We are lucky, lucky, lucky parents.

Pookie left for college the other morning. Man, I miss my brother. It is nice to know that he is an accomplished kid and is going to grow into a strong man. I am proud of him. I am excited for the fun he will have in his college years. Maybe he will bring us back some college sweaters so that we can all show how proud we are of him.

Pictures from Rykers baptism 🙂

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