The cold transition from summer to fall

Sick baby. Even sicker mommy. I had to take two days off work. Actually, yesterday I went into work for an hour before I realized there was no way to get through the day without getting worse. Now, my eyes, head, nose, ears, everything  throbs. Worst part? I am not allowed to take any cold medicine. I would love some decongestant and something to make me sleep… A hottie tottie would be great too.

Tomis is off to get salt for the water purifier now. The baby is napping with me. Spongebob squarepants has a marathon going on, which I am totally okay with. I happen to like cartoons still 🙂  the humidifier is blasting against my back and I would kill for a nap– I just can’t get my head comfortable on the pillow. I am thinking about chicken noodle soup here pretty soon, but not much is staying in my tummy. It has been awhile since I felt this foul. At least #2 is immunity building 🙂 the bug isnt doing too badly either. His nose is a leaky catastrophe, but he is in good spirits and appears to feel pretty good. I pray at night that any illness he is suppose to get just passes to me instead, so I hope that is what has happened and not that he is  about to take on the cold from hell himself.

here are some pictures from the hour. Bug napping cross-eyed, and the life saving humidifier.  Since this thing has been hitting my left side for many consecutive hours, I may end up with some hollywood skin (on the left only haha).



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