Nanny hunting

With number two on the way, tomis and I are forced to evaluate a few things. Benefits, costs, jobs, blah blah grown up stuff. childcare is always a fun topic. The dollar signs that hover around the conversation aren’t exactly cherubs. The time daycare is open in quality centers is always limited as well. that is why we are on a nanny hunt. It is more cost effective and convenient. We have found two quality contenders, and one in the cutest way ever. We were eating dinner with ryker when our waitress captivated our bug.They just played and played. At one point, ryker picked up a half hour old piece of macaroni and cheese and offered it to our waitress. She gladly opened her mouth and took the cold squished noodle, and ryker squealed with delight. My heart melted. She told us she baby sits and would enjoy being a nanny again, so we took her number.

After dinner we walked the mall. Ryker loves to walk with the big people and has no issue tail gating. He smiles, screams, laughs and marches in drunken looking strides among the sea of legs, with mama in a walking squat with hands extended behind him. Adorable isnt a strong enough world. And to the people who don’t think it is cute? You are scum and need to relax 😉

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