Sicky Sicky

I am home sick right now with something that I caught from Tomis.  We are thinking that Tomis caught his bug from the Bug himself, who probably picked it up from the swarm of booger-infested cutie pies at daycare.  Last night on the drive home from work I broke every blood vessel in my face getting sick into one of Ryker’s diapers that I had in my purse.  Thank god I had It in there, otherwise the smell of unhappy mommy would be stuck in a Subaru that roasts everyday in Arizona sun. 

Right now I am curled up in bed with Duchess the cat. I feel loads better than yesterday, but that has a lot to do with the fact that I am in bed without fear of being sick in front of my coworkers.  Ryker is at daycare.  I miss him so much but if I have to chase him as weak as I am I will have to take another sick day tomorrow… can’t afford that.  I think this falls under the category, “mommy guilt”… that moment you have to put yourself before your child, and you feel like you are doing something horribly wrong. I can’t wait to cuddle my angel but you bet I am going to relax every last second until I need to pick him up.

Since it has been awhile since I have posted, there is a lot that we need to get caught up on.  Tomis is working for Nissan now.  Ryker is in full-time daycare.  Whenever we can get it in we have a blast together, but it does take a miracle for our schedules to align to have that magical family day.  Halloween was great fun!  Ryker was the cutest frog ever, and Tomis and I vampires.  This past weekend we all played soccer in the park.  Ryker loves to kick the ball around a bit, and then sit down with mommy to have a snacky.  I love that baby. 

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