Sick Baby

I was thinking on my drive home from work one day about how much the blog has been neglected.  There have been too many uncollected memories that will not be cataloged for future enjoyment, and that made me sad.  Ryker is an ENDLESS source of antics and happiness.  For example, he has learned to dance, show you his tummy and bum, wipe his dirty hands in his hair to clean them, and mockingly laugh at people to get them to smile.

Right now though, he is not the happiest of babies.  Christmas Eve he had a bit of a fever, and Christmas day he went downhill and just didn’t stop. He has been terrifyingly lethargic.  We had to get him x-rayed, pump him full of meds, have a humidifier on 24/7, but nothing seemed to work.  Today, day 2 of his antibiotics, steroids, and nebulizer, gave him the energy to play happily for about 20 minutes.  After spending a day on and off crying and begging for prayers, I felt a sense of relief.  He is now sleeping, but his breathing does not sound labored so I feel as though the worst may be over.  I have some cold double-chocolate chip pancakes sitting not too far away from my resting baby that I made in desperation this morning that I hope he will eat when he wakes up.  If I can get him drinking, eating, and playing today then I will have some peace. 

Sorry for not having 2012 Christmas pics… I will have to get some pics up asap.  

Love to all… please continue to pray that my baby gets better.

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