First things first, Ryker is doing worlds better.  He is eating and drinking without a problem, and playing like a champ.  The only thing that isn’t 100% is his energy levels.  My little tornado will still dwindle to a slight storm, require a good long cuddle, then back to it.  Typically he just goes and goes.  He is also not eating quite as much as usual, but he is working his way back … being lured by cookies, egg rolls, and Cheetos. 

The rest of the house is now sick as well.  Tomis and I have pretty gross colds, but no fevers and no chest congestion.  We probably picked up our illness from our ER trip.  Moosh has something a few steps beyond what Tomis and I have, so we are shooing her to the doctor in the morning. I am on antibiotics, so I am sure they will do the same for her.  Doodle went to Costco and bought a ginormous fleet of tissue for the house as all noses require wiping at the moment.  Speaking of Doodle, Ryker has re-named him… yesterday, Doodle was outside messing around with the pool, and Ryker looked our the window and said, “Doo-Doo outside!”  Doodle no more… now we have a 220 pound DOO-DOO! 

At the moment, I am being violently kicked in the ribs by a pound and a half child that is the size of a rutabaga.  The force is strong with this one.  I may just be lacking in the memory department, but I don’t recall kicks this forceful from Ryker, especially not at 25 weeks.  It is truly amazing.  I can see my stomach gyrate and wave like a recently evacuated waterbed.  Too much fun. 



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  1. Heather says:

    Glad Rykers feel alittle better but sad you all got sick 😦 no fun!! And the baby is giving you love kicks! Thats soo awesome the baby is soo active already. Feel better and my love goes to you all 🙂

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