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My son is so entertaining.  He is learning so fast, and watching him discover things and interpret them for himself reminds me how simple and joyful life can be.  Ryker, who is very much a child of habit and routine, has a simple night time ritual that knocks him out clean every night.  First, din-din.  Then, play-play time.  THEN, naked baby time (bath time), followed by baby lumpia (wrap him in a towel straight-jacket style and run him into things), then baby foot massage (if he is fussy) and then nigh-nigh to the house.  Nigh-nigh time is most fun.  That is when he is fully clothed in his footed jammies, and he gets to go to everyone in the house and say, “nigh-nigh” and give knuckles while saying “BOOM”.  After that, two lullabies, a cuddle, and he lies down with teddy bear and crashes.  Recently however, he has discovered something new… as part of the nigh-nigh routine, he has figured out mind-control over Moosh and Doodle.  My little puppet master will raise his arms in the air, and without fail, Moosh and Doodle will do the same.  This hilarity will go on for at least five minutes as Ryker receives affirmation (as if he needs it) that he truly is the master of the universe.  I love that baby.

Today I was supposed to have my glucose test as well to make sure there is no diabetes and such… all routine.  I left work at 2pm like a good girl, made it to the lab, and was promptly turned away.  I wish I had known that already being sick would stop them from allowing you to test… but then again, Tomis had the day off so I was able to have a meal with him that wasn’t rushed before picking up Ryker.  It was amazingly familiar to hold my husbands hand again, and for a brief moment, not have to constantly question each other with, “do you have the binky??” “You had it last” “No, I have the juicy and the butt wipes.” “Fine. You grab the leftovers and I will get the baby.”  Granted, we spent most of the time talking about how amazing and sweet our boy is, but that is also part of what made it so great.  I mean how can you not talk about the thing that makes you more blessed than you have ever been, when you are sitting with the person that you share it with? 

Okay, it is time to start MY nightly routine… roll over like a labored egg for about an hour, huff and puff about how I am getting kicked in the ribs, punch my pillows to make them prop me just right… then sleep for a few hours before waking up to pee.. 


Nigh-Nigh everyone!  Boom 🙂 

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