Got mama’s silly and daddy’s funny

Today I RUSHED from work twenty minutes late to get Ryker from daycare.  Luckily, one of the freeways that I drive was clear, so I was able to arrive at 6pm.  Sometimes when I get there, Ryker is sad because he hates when the other kids start to go home.  When he is fussy, the teachers always tell me it starts around 4pm when the children start being picked up.  It makes me feel awful.  Tonight however, Ryker didn’t even come to hug me.  He sat on the floor entranced by this toy.  When I finally distracted him from his toy by throwing his sweater over his head and asking, “where did the baby go??” I discovered that my child is a nut.  My boy laughed hysterically, put the sweater entirely over his face and then ran full speed into the door.  The daycare teacher and I shook with laughter, which only made Ryker put the sweater over his head once more and go running full speed in another direction. He is silly like his mommy, with a desire to entertain the room like his daddy.  It is funny, because Tomis and I talked about that the other day- how Ryker’s personality is forming.  He seems to have taken all the “happy qualities” that Tomis and I both possess without any hang-ups.  Yes, the child fusses as he explores his boundaries, but no more than any other child that needs to figure out his powers of “negotiating” and how to determine his personal preferences and how to attain them.  He just seems to lack any aggression or anger.  ANYWAY, I think it is cute to see him embody some of Tomis and my extroverted qualities.  It is amazing to see yourself and your chosen partner reflected in a perfect angel.  I am sure as the hourglass fills we will see different reflections in the mirror, but for now these moments are really cool 🙂   

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