Happy Valentine’s Day 2013

I have already changed positions 3 times and I JUST started writing this post… just barely got through the title and already Cole is telling me he wants to be some place different 🙂 . 

Well, Happy Valentine’s Day all!  (Changed positions again) Tomis and I exchanged our cards today.  We both descended upon the same theme this year.  (Position change)  Tomis’s card to me had a donkey on it and said, “I know I can be an ass, but I love you”, while mine to him said, “You are an ass, but I love you anyway.” We were both quite pleased with the consistency. It took a few years, but Tomis is now convinced we are made for each other. 

I am honestly quite sad at the moment.  I stayed a bit later at work tonight and I missed Ryker’s bedtime.  Had it not been for a friend of mine having a tough time personally and giving me some perspective, I would have probably turned into a crybaby during my hour commute home.  I have the baby monitor volume on high now as I listen to his breathing.  I would love nothing more than to sleep on the floor of his room next to his crib to take any opportunity to cuddle him should he wake up, but being over 7 months pregnant the dozen trips to the bathroom might disturb his night’s rest.  I just hope tomorrow he wakes up before I leave for work so that I start tomorrow right… if not, at least I have him all Friday night and the weekend. 

In related news, the nanny hunt continues. My dear friends and family, please feel free to send qualified candidates our way.  My little boys deserve nothing but the best!

Okay, Cole is mad in this position, and mommy needs to sleep.  Hopefully tomorrow will be productive, and the time between today and Cole’s arrival goes quickly!!

Love to all! 

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