Nanny Interview #1

I was walking down the hallway on Sunday, Ryker on my hip with his tiny leg resting atop my tummy, and I was thinking about the nanny interview that we would be having within the next few hours.  I wanted Moosh there with Tomis and I because she isn’t afraid to be brutal in an interview… that woman has no shame.  I, on the other hand, tend to be a pleaser more often than not and would rather sell the fact that my child is amazing (as if it isn’t obvious) rather than be sold that someone should be lucky to watch him.  Tomis is a bit of the same… he would rather make someone laugh than make them be honest.  Anyway, as I walked down the hall towards Ryker’s room I looked at my son in his beautiful green eyes and told him, “God, please let me not have bad luck with this decision.”  My tendency to be trusting, see the good in people, like people off the bat, believe spoken intentions rather than read the unspoken signs, gives me constant grief (I think Ryker got that from me…sigh).  So not surprisingly, I really really liked this Nanny haha.  Feel free to chime in with  gentle nudges, my friends and family.  First off, she has an 18 month old daughter who she clearly adores.  To me, I see her potty training her daughter and Ryker mimicking her and potty training more quickly.  With that, Ryker will have a little friend to play with as Cole gets the attention he will need.  Second, she was with her last family 5 years.  I love that.  Third, she is looking for a family to stick with for awhile.  In my dream world, the nanny becomes family and she enjoys family functions with us even when our children are fully grown.  On top of it all, she is CPR certified and takes on-line classes for nursing. I immediately liked her during the interview and am pretty much ready to stop the nanny hunt and have her start.  She will love us… we will love her… I am excited!  She is more subdued than me, so she will be a great female balance to the perky and silly mommy that Ryker is used to.  I just have to extend the offer once I chat with Tomis.

In other news, Ryker is getting tubes put in his ears tomorrow morning.  My poor child has ears like mommy and is an ear infection magnet.  We are talking the kid sniffles once and BOOM, ear infection.  I actually think he may have an infection now by the lack of sleep we all got last night, so hopefully that doesn’t affect his “surgery” tomorrow.  Apparently, the procedure is very very VERY common, so I am not terribly concerned… but a little anxious, for sure.

 photo mail10.jpg
NOT pooping in the yard… just picking up his ball and mama took a picture worth a thousand words 🙂

Cole and my breakfast... everyday photo mail8.jpg
Cole and mama LOVE eggs, salsa, and hashbrowns (sometimes with Dr Pepper)

 photo mail9.jpg
We don’t so much love salad, but we have to make up for the breakfast somewhere!

queen mama photo mail7.jpg
Queen mama… surveying her domain with a cardboard grape advertisement as a crown!

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