Yays! and Nays! of my Preggo-ness


  • I have this tiny little being inside me that nudges me throughout the day and night reminding me that I am about to encounter more love than I have ever experienced, I will be more important than I have ever been, and will be more fulfilled in life than I ever knew possible. 
  • My BOOBS are FAB!
  • My skin is SUPER soft and for whatever reason I don’t have to shave my legs terribly often
  • There are few moments in my life that have been as gratifying as when Ryker draped himself over my 8 month pregnant tummy to take a nap, and Cole kicked him.
  • The most expensive shampoo in the world can’t give my hair volume like this
  • Ryker has a giant mound to perch on
  • I hate feet, and I never really have to see mine anymore!
  • Everything. Tastes. Wonderful!!!
  • It is totally okay and accepted that I absolutely NEED grapefruit juice over ice, and that at midnight I ate a giant sandwich.
  • People get out of my way when I come a waddling.
  • I get told how adorable I am ALL THE TIME 🙂
  • On April 7th at 9am, my horrible C-Section scar from July 18th, 2011 will be removed!!


  • My face is fat. So are my feet.
  • What DOESN’T Hurt???  Currently hurting… my butt, sciatic, back, head, feet, the air around me…
  • I can’t remember anything.
  • I can’t remember anything (haha, cheesy, I know) 
  • Never have I ever been this tired. Like, ever.
  • Imagine trying to sleep after you swallowed a watermelon that ate a live and angry Chihuahua.
  • Heartburn sucks:  being faced to choose between the Cheetos that won’t let you sleep, or the craving that won’t let you sleep… tough call. 
  • I didn’t like being able to smell everyone my first trimester; that which lie beneath cologne was not pleasant.
  • I get angry at cats.  I don’t know why, but I really really hate them.
  • If my husband doesn’t cuddle me I get sad… sad like he punched me in the face sad.
  • I cry when I drive… because the man in the car next to me is eating a sandwich, and I hope that he doesn’t have a bad day (doesn’t make sense to me either… but that’s the last time I cried)
  • I have to pee.  I JUST peed.
  • I crawled to a cookie today.  Really.  The back pain and the craving was that strong.
  • Hemorrhoids. Nuff said.
  • I have literally been sick every two weeks for the past 8 months.
  • Oh dear god, the medical bills…
  • Anticipation, I can’t WAIT to see my little monkey.

In other news, I have an ultrasound on Monday.  I am going to see if I can get my dad to drive me as I am not so good at walking right now.  I am hoping to get a good glimpse of Coe’s little face.  As well as Ryker wears my nose, I have fingers crossed that Cole gets daddy’s.  I have a bit of nerves going into that appointment though.  I had an ultrasound with Ryker late in the pregnancy (around 34.5 weeks) where they decided it was time for him to be out immediately.  Cole is moving more than Ryker was so I have confidence that everything will be fine.  Shoot, if Cole comes early, I will NOT be complaining 🙂 


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