First full day not working.  I had BIG plans.  I wanted to make pasta salad, muffins, soup, clean the bathroom, do the laundry, get a pedicure, and vacuum.  I started with the pasta salad.  It tasted AMAZING, but took me like an hour and a half to make because standing is not my friend (which is lame, because pasta salad for me consists of chopping 7 veggies and boiling water).  Then I sat down for awhile and stared at the bananas for the muffins… willing myself to stand up.  I finally did, walked right past the bananas, and took a nap.  I woke up three hours later STILL exhausted, and remembering why the hell I am not at work right now haha.  I am sitting in the kitchen now looking at a dirty sink with disgust as my butt pulses in absolute agony.  The fact that my Tuscan soup is simmering on the stove (took me almost 4 hours to make at the snail’s pace I move at) and my son is sleeping like an angel do a little to make me feel better as a pulsing butt is hard to ignore. 

Speaking of Ryker, I decided to tag along as he was dropped off at daycare in the morning.  Bad idea.  Baddddddd idea.  I don’t know what it is that has Ryker so mommy needy right now, but my usually happy baby grabbed onto my knees and hid his face, saying mommy over and over.  Broke my heart.  When I went to pick him up in the evening, the daycare teacher told me that throughout the day he ran to the door and called out for mommy.  I asked another mom I know if her kids had neediness issues before a new baby was coming home, and she confirmed.  It’s like It KNOWS… o_0

I hope that Ryker adjusts well.  He isn’t jealous if I coo at babies at daycare, and he is used to seeing the tiny babies around.  I am not sure how it will be when he knows mommy loves the new baby the way she loves him though.  Well, it is my job to make sure he adjusts.  

I am still staring at the bananas by the way.  I very much want to squish them and have them submit to yumminess, but I am afraid I may have already overdone it today.  I can’t get myself to move off this stool.  Honestly, I am now typing just to type so I have a “reason” to not move haha.  Alright, time to bite the bullet.  Upsie daisey…        

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