Ohhhhhh there is nothing cuter than a toddler with ears like sponges and diarrhea mouth.  Tomis, I am very sorry if Stefica gets mad at you for this, but hey, you deserve it if she tells you off 😉  I will stop with the suspense, here we go…

Only a parent (or a truly unfortunate individual) can grasp the frustration of poop being flung at them EVERY morning.  Tomis can fully sympathize with anyone who experiences this coming from a toddler.  I don’t know how other people deal with their children covering them in poop while twisting, screaming, and crying, but up until recently my dutiful hub loudly and clearly would drop the “F bomb” a few times during the peak of the poop tantrum.  Luckily, the first time Ryker started in on the chorus with his own high-pitched rendition of “F bombs” we tricked the little hoodlum by saying “Yes Honey, DUCKS say QUACK.”  Now however, at the end of diaper changes, when he trips, or when he drops things, my angel can be heard going, “DUCK!” 

I am not innocent either (not by a long shot).  Ryker and Cole will surely hear their mom drop a token or two behind closed doors in their days, but my little boy’s current affinity for the word “DUCK!” being expletively stated is alllllll daddy’s fault 🙂 

Onto Cole… we had an ultrasound today to check on his movement.  My sweet monkey got poked once in the butt by the tech with the cold jelly and wiggled himself acrobat-style into a perfect score on the 8-pt movement scale.  The only thing that is causing concern now (only mildly) is the fact that his fluids are a bit murky.  There is a follow-up ultrasound scheduled for this Thursday to make sure my little bun (layman’s term alert) isn’t swallowing too much of his own poo, and then we are just waiting for he appearance April 9th at 6am 🙂

We have ALSO selected a nanny for the boys!  I was tormented by having to choose between two amazing individuals who each possessed fantastic qualities. To me, even though I couldn’t really go wrong when faced with fantastic vs phenomenal, each girl brought such a different feeling to the table. After much deliberating, asking for the advice of family, and silent hourly prayers that I don’t muck up this decision, I very happily selected a nanny.  I am excited with my decision, but more importantly, I feel peace with it.

I am sure Tomis would be pleased to know that the blog has kept me still now for the past forty minutes.  I tend to have a series of contractions at night if I have had Ryker throughout the day, or did dumb things like bake muffins rather than rest.  However, I AM about to finish making a chocolate éclair cake, most of which can be done while sitting.  I have modified a recipe into something that I am excited to try!  Cooking/baking/feeding is like a pedicure/massage to me. It is relaxing and I love it. I am sure Tomis won’t get too mad at me for making something yummy, even if it means I am not lying down.  Shoot, if he does, I can pull out the “Duck” card 😉    Love to all!!   


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