Cole Thomas Papec 4/5/13

So we are a little bit late, BUT, WELCOME TO THE WORLD MY ANGEL!!

Cole Thomas Papec made his appearance on April 5th, 2013 at 6:25am.  He weighed 6 lbs 8 oz.  His arrival was a little dramatic, but nowhere near as hectic as Ryker’s welcome to the world.

Cole, my darling angel whom I love more than I ever expected, here is your story…

Just like with your brother, you started out a pretty decent sized baby and then sort of shrunk along the way.  We kept a close eye on you in order to make sure that you were safe and healthy.  One and a half weeks before you officially hit full term, the doctors decided to just take you out to be safe.  Your mommy sat through HOURS of ultrasounds before they made that decision.  Honestly, I was having so many contractions you may have come out that night on your own anyway!  Let me say, the contractions hurt, but I am glad to have experienced them because I never felt them with your brother.  I was given a drug to stop the labor when I was admitted to the hospital, then the next morning out you came!!  I was in love with you as soon as I saw your beautiful face.  They let me have you in the room with me immediately, and IMMEDIATELY you decided that there was no place like mama’s bed.  The first night we were in the hospital they took you from the room to the nursery per policy.  As soon as I tried to go to sleep, the rolled you back in and said the nurses couldn’t handle you!  I never saw you fuss once.  As soon as you curled up with me, you were quiet and content.  Guess you raised enough hell that the nurses over at Banner Gateway gave up!  You and I had a great night, so I am glad they broke their rule.  We nicknamed you “the Mosquito” once you arrived home.  Just like your brother, you are an eating (and pooping) machine!  You NEVER stop eating, but you are so cute that I don’t mind.  Since your arrival, there has been a lot of cuddling amongst chaos.  Your brother is almost 2 years old, so he is running around you creating dust storms.  You are a champ and you sleep right through it.  To make up for it, at night your brother gives you a kiss on the head and pets you.  You are a remarkably easy and loved baby.  I think my heart will break into pieces when I have to go back to work and not see your and your brother’s face throughout the day.

I will update the blog as often as I can so that you can one day see what your life looked like as a baby.  I love you honey, and welcome to the family!!

 photo mail19.jpg

 photo mail18.jpg
My fav pic… you look like a boxer

 photo mail17.jpg

 photo mail16.jpg
My fav pic of all time!! Your brother wanted to cuddle you, and he was very gentle.

 photo mail15.jpg
How we sleep every night

 photo mail14.jpg

 photo mail13.jpg

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