SO proud of big brother Ryker! SO in love with little Cole!

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How I created such an understanding and compassionate child, I have no idea.  If any of it is my doing, then I have conquered enough in my life to boast triumph if I die tomorrow.  It has been me and the kids for a good portion of today.  Cole has redeemed himself for a fussy yesterday by napping at the most opportune times today, and Ryker followed it by not fussing, not throwing any tantrums, helping mama clean, and entertaining himself… I am GLOWING with pride right now.  After entertaining himself in the crib for the past 25 minutes, Ryker is now napping.  Cole is napping as well, so I was able to treat myself to ice cream.  Moosh is out shopping, but should be back some time in the early afternoon, so maybe I can even get a nap in!  Cole has disagreed with some of my food choices, and punished me dearly the past few nights.  Add cluster feeding to the mix, and I look just as I feel… like poop.  Cole is amazing though.  He makes this little face that melts me into a puddle of goo.  He makes his mouth tiny and his eyes big, and stares at you while waggling his little fists here and there.  He is the best teddy bear at night too.  I love to just grab him and snuggle him into two hours of the most content sleep imaginable.  Every once in awhile he will unleash this angelic little smile or a tiny giggle, and everything in me goes soft and mushy.  I am truly blessed. I pray every single day that I live a life to deserve these angels.  God, protect them and keep them safe, and I will build you great men. 

K, I have laundry to fold.  I need to keep myself awake and busy. If I can’t commit to a good solid hour of sleep, I will mess myself up entirely and be no good for my boys.  Great grandma and grandpa are coming tomorrow, and I am excited!  I love to bug grammy for stories.  If I can plop her in a chair and root around for stories, I am a happy girl.  I can already see grandpa chasing Ryker around the house 🙂  AND, I am pretty certain with very little coercion I can get a blueberry pie out of grandma 😉  Ohhhhh that woman’s pies.  When she “messes” up the recipe is when I always like it best.  Maybe we can even make grandmas peanut butter cookies!  Ryker can help with that 🙂  Great afternoon activity!

Okay, things to do… love to all!!        

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