Grandma Betty and Cookie Tradition

I had today all planned in my head.  I knew that grandma and grandpa (excuse me… GREAT grandma and grandpa) would be here, and I wanted to see my boys enjoy some of the same experiences that Pookie and I did as children.  I needed an afternoon activity for Ryker that kept him indoors since it is 103 degrees, and I really wanted cookies… sooooo, Grandma got put to work!!  Ryker and grandma made cookies this afternoon!  Ryker got to stir all the dry ingredients with not too much mess made, as well as pour everything in a bowl.  He did PHENOMENAL and stayed in his highchair almost from start to finish.  Now, we are dancing and eating cookies that have been made for generations 🙂  YUM!!!

Early this morning we all (grandma, grandpa, nanny, mommy and daddy) headed to McDonalds for breakfast and to play in the giant play yard.  In the afternoon all the big kids come after school, so today we had almost exclusive rights.  Amber (our nanny), myself, and Tomis for a bit, got to experience climbing up slides and thru tubes two stories up in the air with our beautiful Ryker.  Let me tell you… there is a difference between the agility of an almost two year old and 30-somethings… a BIG difference that I think Tomis will feel for a few days haha.   Here are some pics from the day..


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