I have missed you, Blog

I think I have adjusted enough to having two children while working that I can get back to updating the old blog.  There is sooooo much to fill in.  Regretfully, I will have to do this bullet point style to get it in.


Tomis and I are no longer in the same positions that we were in.  Tomis recently got a promotion to Finance Manager from sales at Nissan, and I switched from working in big banking to education.  I work for a respectable and growing private Christian college as an enrollment counselor, a far cry from mortgage banker at the biggest bank in the world.  For me, the job change cuts my income by 2/3rd, but affords me the opportunity to get my masters degree for free!  Tomis can also capitalize on free education perks as well.


Our “home” is no longer living with Moosh and Doodle.  Long story short, over my maternity leave the bank I was working for changed their mind on promised incentive.  As a result, Tomis and I had to back out of a purchase contract on a home. Moosh and Doodle being the cool people they are decided to purchase a home as an investment property and have us be the tenants!  The home is PERFECT.  Absolutely and completely a dream.  It is near a 10/10 rated school that Ryker can walk to over the next few years.  There are families everywhere.  It is safe, and when I get ready in the morning I can see mountains from the bathroom window.  Ryker can see the school from his window, which is three feet from his brand spanking new race car bed (thanks Moosh!)


IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL TODDLER EVER!!!! But that is nothing new.  What we are finding is that he is incredibly athletic, he has a soft heart, and he is really funny.  He still is having trouble with identifying colors (everything is yellow) but we are working on it.  Maybe I need to use his athleticism and put colored dots on the floor and making him run to colors, then give him candy when he gets there haha.  I dunno, I welcome better ideas!!  I also welcome potty training ideas as that will be a project coming up.


Has been baptized 🙂  His godparents are: Melissa, John (Donkey), Jason and Michelle, Yulia, and Adam.  Cole hit the gold mine of godparents, which is another story in itself.  Cole is probably the happiest baby I have ever seen in my life, and cackles like a criminal when he laughs.  He has giant blue eyes that brim with intelligence and determination that make me know he will be a force to be reckoned with when he is older, but for now he just gurgles and smiles.  He is my tiny love and I adore every bit of him.


Is now a US Citizen!!  ANNNNNND, today is his birthday!!

In a nut shell, we are happy.  Very happy, and very very blessed.

 photo DSCN0078.jpg

 photo DSCN0144.jpg

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