Annnnnnd in the shower you go

Oh sweet jesus lord in heaven help this woman.  My beautiful green-eyed, athletic and funny angel has decided to explore his dark side.  This child has been throwing absolutely EPIC tantrums.  I have gone through all my inner versions of myself to see if one would have the solution to the behavior, but alas, me and all the other Hanakos came up short… until tonight.

I made a decision last night while I was watching my son pound the floor and holler that I would not lose a pissing competition to a two year old.  This decision had nothing to do with ego.  This decision had everything to do with precedent.  IF I allow the behavior to continue, then I have been manipulated in the worst way possible and set the stage for future manipulation from a child who is not only years from being bigger than me, but who has a little brother taking notes– not to mention, if he can’t listen when I ask him to give me my car keys, what happens when he doesn’t listen when the situation is dangerous for him?  SO, little man got placed in the bathtub.  Anytime he hollered, I poured a cup of water on his head.  He HATES to have water poured on his head.  Because he was screaming, he choked on the water.  This made him not want to scream anymore.  After five minutes of cause and effect (mommy didn’t act mad by the way… I just asked him what he wanted, play or water) he eventually decided playing was a better alternative and hid my cup haha.  He was good the rest of the night and scored himself a foot massage from mama.  Of course, tomorrow he will try to test me again.  I will have to alter the cause and effect game, but so long as I am consistent hopefully he will figure out that he can skip the tantrum and just keep playing.  Judge me if you will, but I suggest not to my face.  I am covered in boogers, spitty, and I just spent 3 hours cooking and cleaning.  I am sure I can turn one of my fresh baked cookies into a ninja star and nail an orbiting satellite with the unreleased tension I have right now.  Some sleep will do me great 🙂    

Anyway, here is a pic of Ryker and I watching a movie before “brush the teeth time” about an hour post tantrum.  He was getting his tiny foot massage.  

 photo 20130926_192223.jpg

Annnd cookie dough. Work potluck tomorrow 🙂

 photo 20130926_203614.jpg

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