We all have that thing that we do that puts us in our own personal Disneyland.  You know, that activity that you do where you are physically occupied yet the intention is to distract your body so your mind can find that zen place.  Some people knit, hike, golf, paint, whatever.  I bake cookies.  Baking cookies to me is like going to church. Everything positive in my life runs through my head when I bake.  My children’s smiles, my brother, my parents, my husband, my future.  And in that moment, I am sooo grateful to be alive.  It is strange, but to me those silly cookies weave in and out of the fabric of my life… I want my sons to know the smell of my kitchen and long for it when they are grown.  It will be like a beacon to bring them home on holidays and be imprinted in their memories.  Bakeries will make them remember that mommy loves them, because growing up they smelled cookies baking while they did homework, when there was a special occasion, or when mommy was in an extra good mood and wanted them to smile.  When I am in my zen cookie-land, I also tend to reflect on all the other ways I want to be a better me.  I slowly tilt flour into my fluffy butter and brown sugar mixture, and I think about how that action will be repeated hundreds of times in my life, and how every moment in between needs to not be wasted.  In those moments is when I am most filled with faith and hope, and I project the life I want for my family into those silly cookies.  I think that is why they taste so good.  Everything is made of energy, including me.  I am reconstructing and molding energy to be put back into the world, and at that moment I am at my best.  I know this whole thing sounds a little “boogity boogity,” and I am not even sure why I am offering my slice of crazy to the cyber world, but there you have it.  I am a cookie mommy. I will be a cookie grandma.  And so long as there are cookies around, I will have a cookie legacy!    

Just a little plug to me, my cookies were a hit at the pot luck today!    


Mamas first kitchen photo SNV35435.jpg
My first kitchen 🙂

 photo SNV34889.jpg
Always in my home 🙂

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