Let go of my OCD and a day outside

I can be a bit of a nutcase.  I hate clutter… piles of paper actually make me twitch.  SOMETIMES, I take it too far and I become a Clorox wipe fanatic.  Not much fun for the kiddos.  Anyway, about three weeks ago I went to the mall to get Tomis his birthday present.  Whenever I am at the mall I do two things, 1) I spray myself with the best smelling and most expensive perfume I can find, and 2) I go to Bobbi Brown and let them make me pretty.  I have a fav make-up gal that I go to (who sent me a congrats on the new job card).  We got to talking about mom stuff, and she told me that her daughter had leukemia.  Let me backtrack a little bit… the conversation started when we somehow started confessing the semi-shameful mommy things we have done.  Mine was that I had a shot of Baileys in my coffee and half a beer before 11am the first time I had my boys with no help.  I am personally not ashamed of it, but it isn’t something you share with just anyone (she said on an internet blog).  Her response to my mom-fession was, “hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.”  That is when she told me about the epiphany she had when she was playing with her daughter.  She was sitting on the floor looking a mess. Her house looked a mess too.  She was tired and not feeling well, but there was her sick daughter who wanted to play.  She took a few shots of alcohol and told herself, “all that matters is that my kid sees that I am happy. The rest can wait.”  She is right.  Please don’t get me wrong and think that I am condoning watching children while abusing a substance, but if life chipped away at you that day, find the spackle that works to fill the gaps so that your kids have what they deserve.  And that my friends, is why my kitchen looks like this….

 photo 20130928_200503.jpg

Anyway, the kids and I spent a lot of time outdoors today.  We walked to the park this morning and Ryker was a boy; by that I mean he rolled in the sand, jumped in puddles, and somehow came home soaking wet.  Cole just watched in fascination and enjoyed the breeze.  When we got home we all napped, then played in the backyard for a few hours.  Here are some pics from the day:

 photo 20130928_150034.jpg
 photo 20130928_145237.jpg
 photo 20130928_144747.jpg
 photo 20130928_142325.jpg
 photo 20130928_141242.jpg
 photo 20130928_140944.jpg
 photo 20130928_082937.jpg
 photo 20130928_075638.jpg

And that is why my kitchen is a mess 🙂

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