Cling to the small victories

“Cling to the small victories.”  It is good advice.  You can choose to acknowledge whatever you want out of life.  You fill or empty your own cup.  You can help yourself a great deal by carrying the small victories with you throughout your day.  You only live once and there are more experiences than time allotted.  It isn’t cruel that it is that way; it gives you the ability to create significant peaks in life and make momentous what deserves to be.  With infinity how can there be anticipation and joy when there is no urgency to experience? Your timeline gives you the ability to select and make special what you will.  So why harbor anything nasty. Cling to every piece of happy you find because happiness begets happiness.  It is when you are happy that you are most impactful to the world around you, and that is when positive things come your way. Add to that honesty and integrity when interacting with others, standing by your word, and taking a moment to reflect and appreciate the gifts around you, and you will live a great life… just ” cling to the small victories” as you go.  



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