FROYO, Grandpa’s nose, and the boys

Cole has a new obsession…. noses. He fixates on your nose, and then ATTACKS. Doodle learned this the hard way on Sunday when we got a grandparents visit. Moosh made fresh bread for us, and we all took a walk to a frozen yogurt place down the road. When we got there, my nose ninja started his reign of terror.

 photo 20131027_164444.jpg

 photo 20131027_164244.jpg

 photo 20131027_164218.jpg

 photo 20131027_162832.jpg

 photo 20131027_151623.jpg

Too cute. And here are some pics of my rascals just being cute…

 photo 20131027_094623.jpg

 photo 20131026_165650.jpg
Turned Ryker’s lamp into a stop light 🙂
Sorry I don’t have more to say. I am so beyond tired I can barely think a full thought. Cole has been congested at night so there has been a lot of cuddling and comforting. He had a quick trip to the Urgent Care today too just to find out that he is absolutely fine and doesn’t even have an ear infection. Couldn’t wait for one more day for when my insurance kicked in… oh well, $100 for peace of mind is $100… well, not well spent, but thrown at an over-priced and retarded system 😉 And goodnight I say.

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