Ryker and Cole BIRTHDAY BASH!

Okay okay… I admit, my kids weren’t born on the same day. In fact, Ryker isn’t due to turn three until mid-July when it is SWELTERING in AZ. However, Ryker is my solar powered sweetie and an indoors birthday just isn’t right for my sunshine. Lucky for him, he has an accommodating brother born in April when the weather is perfect. It actually works out so that each boy gets 2 birthdays. Cole had an all day family celebration where he got a specially made breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND cupcakes on his actual birthday. Spoiled is an understatement. Just as a side note (a HUGE, BIG, DESERVES ITS OWN POST, SIDE NOTE) Cole WALKED the day after he turned one!! In July, Ryker will get his family day where mommy spoils him. But the big, share with family, friends, and neighbors shebang??? That was this past weekend. Cupcake decorating, 4 dozen balloons, outside shenanigans, Hawaiian menu (Moosh’s chicken nom nom nom), double layered from scratch chocolate cake; we had a great time. My family is lucky to have such great people around us and I am thankful every single day for it. So thank you all for coming out and celebrating with us. It means a lot to this mommy to have such great people sharing in the lives of her children.

I am actually a bit under the weather at the moment so I am hoping that I make sense… night-time cold medicine will start to take its toll within minutes so please be understanding of any incoherence with the blog haha.  What is worse is that I still have to sign-in to my classroom to complete some discussion questions and I am just barely present. I am certainly not thinking at a “Master’s level”, more like, “why do I have so many fingers” level.Image



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