Baby Pool Anxiety

I have actually never seen this pool anxiety before. When Ryker was a baby we introduced him to the pool right. We let him touch the water, then we let him splash, and then within minutes we had a fish baby. Cole didn’t get the same warm introduction. This poor guy got walked into cold water until he was waist deep. Not a happy camper. He clung to me like a gecko on a wall for about half an hour after that. Well, let me backtrack. Grandma took him and gave him some cuddles after the initial cold water freak-out so that mama could dive in the water and play around a bit– But Cole didn’t like mama’s dive. OHHHHHH Cole didn’t like that at all. I have no idea what went through his adorable head, but when mommy went under the water he became emotional. Of course I took him after that, and that is when he became a gecko. However, anytime Tomis took a dive under the water Cole lost his marbles again.  Our usually tough and easy baby did NOT like to see mommy and daddy under water. Was really sweet, but seemingly traumatic for our little.  Anyway, just wondered if anyone else had ever encountered the same thing?  I hope we didn’t cause his aversion to the pool because in about 2 weeks we are signing up for swimming lessons O_0


 photo 10253819_877116648981440_4784001802700510604_n.jpg

 photo 10341512_877116875648084_7423646675621660406_n.jpg

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