Letter 3: Bullying, Pride, Humility

Dear boys,

I am going to ramble a little bit. Sometimes during the day, as I go about my life, I will overcome an obstacle with grace and I will be proud of it. Now, you will be told that you need to exercise humility in life. This is true. If you spend too much time celebrating an accomplishment then you may trick yourself into acting like there isn’t more for you to achieve. You are limitless and will never reach your pinnacle; THIS is the greatest and most amazing thing about being alive. Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I want you to not be afraid of recognizing your strengths so you can continue to grow them. People WILL try to minimize you in life. Why? Because when insecure people stand next to others, they imagine themselves to be giants- in order to appease their illusion they try to make others feel little. To do that they will pick on anything, but if they see strength in you, that you yourself perhaps don’t recognize, THAT is what they will attack. When it doesn’t make sense why someone is being anything but positive to you, this is likely the case. Ignore it, and focus on your own journey. To tie it all together here… I want you to be proud of yourselves, I want you to use that pride to create more accomplishments to be proud of, and I don’t want insecure people to pause you because they aren’t worth thinking about. As a side note, you may see an insecure person who has achieved an aspect of respect in one or more realms of life. I want you to understand that success built on anything untrue is despicable; do not follow their lead. They will be unhappy soon enough and I don’t want that for you.

All my love,


Ryker, 3 years old
Cole, 1 1/2
Mommy, 31
Daddy, Old

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