Letter 4

Dear boys,

I don’t have any purpose in writing this letter to you right now. I take that back, I do have a motive in writing this to you. I want to brag about how cute you are. If one day this letter resurfaces in my kitchen when you are men (maybe I am a grandma) and I get to brag to your significant others and/or kids how unbelievably adorable you two were and then SHOW that you are hands down the cutest, then I will be happy.

Here are pics from this week:
 photo 20141025_094155-1.jpg
 photo IMG_20141028_214603.jpg
And here is a little story for each of you:

Ryker, this past weekend you got to go on a “date” with both mommy and daddy. Our dates are typically 2-3 outings, including lunch, a movie, and sometimes a play area with other kids. We went and saw an animated movie called, “The Book of Life.” You LOVE the movies. You already know the routine… buy the ticket, get the popcorn, pick a seat, and cuddle. You are still too little to keep the flip seat down yourself, so I always have to hold the seat down so the chair doesn’t swallow you up. You will last in the chair for all of 30 minutes before you decide my lap is better and you watch the rest of the movie from there. This last time, your little intuitive side came out, like it often does. There is a scene at the beginning of the movie where an entire town is gathered in a graveyard celebrating the Day of the Dead. In the movie that is the day where family members who have passed away come and visit those they left behind, but in spirit. The family of a little boy was gathered at the grave site of his mother. His grandmother narrated that his mother is, and always will be, with him so long as he remembers her. His mother’s spirit lovingly cuddled him as the story was told. Ryker my angel, I have been home from the hospital just over a week. I was actually sitting next to you in a bit of pain, and that part of the movie hit close to home for me. I didn’t change anything about my composure, but you reached your tiny hand out and interlocked your fingers with mine and used your other hand to pat my hand, as if you were telling me it was okay. You amaze me.

Cole, in true form, you have been a comedian. Although I will say, you took a page out of your brother’s book and have been an incredible little love bug. When you come home from preschool you never fail to give me a BIG full force hug with a big puppy dog smile, and then pet my hair. Nothing makes me feel more special, especially since you are discriminating with when and how you are sweet. Anyway, the other day you were wrestling with your brother and dad on the carpet we have in front of the television in the living room. Out of nowhere, I hear your dad start cracking up and he tells me to watch. You gave me your cheese smile, and then lifted your dad’s shirt and executed a masterful tummy fart on him. I don’t know where you picked that up, but it was so funny I almost sent myself back to the hospital. Every single day you pull something that is too funny and adorable to handle, and that is just a small example. I could write page after page about the cute things you do and say.


Love you my boys,


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